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webinars not to miss


The electric utility industry is constantly transforming, and It is essential to the success of an organization to keep up with the newest trends. Webinars are one of the quick and easy ways to educate yourself, and here are 4 that you don’t want to miss.


Four Must Watch Webinars If You Are In the Energy Industry


1: Mastering the Digital Customer Experience in the Data-Driven Era

This webinar revolves around the growing importance of customer experience in helping expand revenue growth. In a newly data-driven industry, it will discuss the digital transformation in customer experience and how to fully harness its potential.

Utility Dive featured Erin Haselkorn, senior analyst relations manager, and Sean Coombs, marketing manager, both from Experian Data Quality, in this October 2 webinar that is now available on demand.

Register and watch the webinar here.


2: Building the Business Case for Integration

On September 17, Navigant Research released a webinar on how virtual power plants influence consumer relations. It also focuses on distributed energy resources management systems. Log in to this webinar and you will learn the difference between VPPS and DERMS, how and where they overlap, and how to take full advantage of both.

The webinar features 3 speakers: Vikram Singh, director at Alectra, Peter Asmus, research director at Navigant Research, and Bud Vos, president and CEO of Enbala Power Networks.

Watch the webinar here.


3: Case Study: Dynamic EAM Implementation with Process Transformation

This webinar discusses a 2017 case study that focuses on a Midwest electric utility that has about 700,000 customers. This webinar will focus on how to manage large customer loads to ensure daily energy supply.

Presented by Energy Central and featuring Richard Pike, senior business process consultant and manager, you can watch the webinar here.


4: How Al is Improving the Customer Experience in the Energy and Utilities Industry

Learn how the influx of data in the utility industry can be used to recreate the entire customer experience. This webinar will help you fully harness the knowledge hidden in this data to increase innovation, improve decision making, and improved satisfaction.

Greentech Media features 2 speakers in this webinar: Jessica Hamm, director of solutions, utilities, SparkCognition and Rodney James, technology development manager at Duke Energy Corporation.

Watch the webinar here.

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