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If you’re a gas, water or electric utility professional who wants to learn from leading industry insiders and experts, then you need to attend AclaraConnect!

You’ll get the chance to join learning sessions and workshops run by renowned industry leaders, a hands-on Knowledge Center where you’ll learn from our experts and be the first to use the newest technologies, and meter certification classes.


If you’ve decided you’d like to join us, but now need to convince your boss, we’re here to help! We’ve gathered the main reasons why you must come to AclaraConnect 2022:

Step 1: Focus on the education you can bring back to your organization

Identify any challenges within your organization that can be addressed by a solution, practice, or idea that will be explored during AclaraConnect. You could bring the solution that will address any ongoing challenges within your company.

Our learning sessions cover many topics that will help you build expertise. Visit our Schedule to discover what each day at AclaraConnect will bring.

The Knowledge Center is your opportunity to get hands-on demos that will help you develop a deeper understanding of how smart infrastructure and distribution automation solutions could work for your utility.

Our meter certification and training courses are right here, there is no need to plan an additional trip to our Training Center, saving additional costs and time.

All presentations given at AclaraConnect are available to attendees, so your learning can continue after the conference ends.

Step 2: Get your facts together

Your boss is more likely to agree if you have clear facts prepared. Use our guidelines to help you build justification for attending.  Have the basic facts ready, including travel dates and the sessions you’ll be attending and what you hope to learn.

If you have a contact at your organization or network who has attended AclaraConnect in the past, great! Ask them for a statement detailing their personal experience and how beneficial it is to attend.

Also, make sure that your workload will be covered while you are out of the office. Make sure you have arrangements in place to ensure your day-to-day work is not disrupted.

Step 3: Write a bullet-proof request letter

In our Justification Kit, we’ve included a sample request letter and budget breakdown form. Present these together with your expected learning outcomes and facts to help you build a bullet proof case!

Step 4: Report back results

Once your boss has agreed, it is important to report back after the event. Not only will it support your requests to attend future events, but it is also the best way to fully benefit and build on what you learn at AclaraConnect 2022.

Your follow-up should include practical examples of what you learnt, with the actionable items that can be translated directly to opportunities for your business.

How to build a post-conference report:

  • Engage fully with the learning sessions, take lots of notes, and photos when appropriate, to share what you learn with your team. After the conference you’ll get a copy of all presentations for reference.
  • Share the knowledge! Post about your attendance on your social media channels and tag us. Aclara’s official conference hashtag is #AclaraConnect. Engagement statistics on this content can be used as part of your post show report.

Lastly, the formula to attend is:

  • Prepare well and justify your trip
  • Participate fully in the learning and networking opportunities at AclaraConnect
  • Demonstrate ROI and share your knowledge and actionable aims on your return

If you need any more information, please visit the AclaraConnect website.


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