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Podcasts have recently come to the fore because, well, people like listening to stories. And summertime is a good time to catch up on listening to podcasts and learning from stories about and for utilities.

If you like podcasts, or just want to check some out, there are some good ones out there covering energy and water that you should be following.  Use the links or find them on your favorite podcast app!


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The Water Values Project

The Water Values Podcast, hosted by Dave McGimpsey, explores water issues from a variety of perspectives with the goal of uncovering the true value of water. Each session will delve into one aspect of water, such as water utilities, water treatment, water resources or water reuse.

Listen to these episodes:

  • Water Governance with Manny Teodoro – Associate Professor at Texas A&M, Manny Teodoro discusses public vs. private ownership models, the benefits and dangers of each (yes, publicly owned systems are not inherently beneficial), and other water governance issues. Manny also describes decoupling and how it factors into water governance models.
  • Radhika Fox on Water Infrastructure – US Water Alliance CEO Radhika Fox targets infrastructure issues affecting the United States, highlighting those issues most affecting infrastructure investment and education in the U.S. Radhika explains who the US Water Alliance is, its mission, and the programs it undertakes to promote that mission.
  • Wisdom from the Shores of Lake Erie – Todd Danielson, Chief Utilities Executive at Avon Lake Regional Water, in Ohio discusses issues pertaining to utilities in the Midwest such as water quality (including a very interesting preliminary look at what a water quality trading market might look like), water rates, idle infrastructure and more.


Zpryme On The Grid

Zpryme On The Grid is a podcast about energy and the utility industry. Every two weeks, the podcast dives into topics and brings on guests to discuss issues affecting utilities, customers, solution providers, and much more.

Listen to these episodes:

  • Digital Maturity – ABB’s VP of Smart Grids and Grid Modernization Gary Rackliffe talks about digital maturity and best practices for utilities of various sizes when strategizing and designing their roadmaps for digitization and enterprise integration.
  • Water/Energy Trends and WE3 – The Zpryme content crew discusses issues and trends identified during the WE3 water-energy nexus event. What will the relationship between water and energy look like in the future? Pour yourself a tall glass of water and listen!
  • Vision Test – Aclara’s Senior Vice-President of AMI and Utility Automation, Kumi Premathilake, talks about building roadmaps that can help utilities to achieve their individual visions for an energy future. The discussion also focuses on how planning differs from region to region and what level of globalism we should apply to innovation models.


The Energy Gang

The Energy Gang is Greentech Media’s weekly digest on energy, cleantech, and the environment, featuring editor Stephen Lacey, energy consultant Katherine Hamilton, and clean energy entrepreneur Jigar Shah.

Listen to these episodes:


Co-op Energy Talk

Co-op Energy Talk, produced by the Cherryland Electric Cooperative in Northern Michigan, discusses energy news and issues of interest to rural electric cooperatives.

Listen to these episodes


  • The Carbon Game Plan – Candidates in upcoming elections are promoting a number of carbon proposals, including the Green New Deal, Evergreen Economy Plan, a carbon tax, and more. Do any of these plans offer a realistic way to cross the goal line. This podcast discusses the challenges facing decarbonization and how these proposals hope to bring solutions.
  • Renewables – Go Big or Go Home – While big renewable energy goals are nice, how are we going to achieve them? Utilities are facing increasing pressure to incentivize local, distributed renewable energy (e.g. small, rooftop systems) that benefit the individual over utility-scale renewable energy systems that benefit the many. This podcast makes the case for why going big with renewables is better and identifies the barriers utilities face trying to get there.
  • “That Would Never Happen To Me” — While employed with a natural gas pipeline company, Brad Livingston was involved in a potentially life-ending incident 27 years ago. Today, Brad travels the country recounting this day and discussing how the actions that led to his injuries have affected him and his loved ones every day since. Listen in to hear Brad’s story.

There are plenty of podcasts out there for utility professionals – covering all aspects of the industry and more. Take some time to listen and gain insights that will broaden your horizons and improve your work. And while you’re at it, subscribe to our blog.



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