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The world is changing quickly, and energy and water utility professionals must stay well informed. Traditional trade publications, vendor websites, and research reports are the tried-and-true arrows in the utility professionals’ information quiver. But as strictly digital publications, blogs inhabit a unique niche, and can offer readers quick access to unique content.


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Check out these 5 blogs to broaden your industry knowledge and insights.


Blog 1 – Renewable Energy World

Want to understand what experts around the world are thinking about renewables and the affect they are having on utilities? Then you should check out the Renewable Energy World blog, operated by the Clarion. This blog is moderated by the editor of Renewable Energy World, Jennifer Runyon, and features a wealth of viewpoints from energy experts around the world.

The blog encourages contributors, but rigorously screens potential writers so be prepared to submit writing samples if you are interested in sharing your viewpoint.

We found these articles particularly interesting:

1: What Greta should advocate: A federation of microgrids

2: Grid inertia: Why it matters in a renewable world

3: The rise of clean energy and the slow, steady death of coal


Blog 2 – American Public Power Association

The American Public Power Association is the voice of not-for-profit, community-owned utilities that power 2,000 towns and cities nationwide. Read its blog, as well as its Public Power Daily and Public Power Magazine, to stay up to date on industry trends, legislative programs, and regulatory affairs affecting municipal power utilities.

Check out these articles:

1: Disasters don’t take a break, neither should preparedness

2: The urgent need for retail electricity prices that reflect costs

3: Four misconception about large-scale solar


Blog 3 Greentech Media

Green Tech Media, a Wood-Mackenzie Company, is one of the most popular sources of information and news on the transition of utilities from a one-way power distribution model to a decentralized, distributed and transactive electric grid. Its web site’s Grid Edge channel provides updated blogs and detailed information about grid optimization, demand response, analytics and other topics of interest to utility professionals. You can read 3 articles a month for free.

Here is a sample of articles you’ll find:

1: California utilities look to spend $10B reducing threat of grid-sparked fires

2: Ten predictions for the solar and storage market in the 2020s

3: California Ports Turn to Microgrids for Energy Security, Demand Flexibility


Blog 4 – Energy Central

The communities on the Energy Central web site offer a wealth of information about a wide range of topics of interest to professionals in the electric as well as the oil and gas industries. Unlike most blogs, Energy Central’s content is produced collectively by its members, who share their knowledge and experience with others in the industry. Membership is open to professionals working at utilities and organizations supporting the industry.

Examples of posts:

1: Microgrid Tariffs: The key solution to CA’s clean energy and resiliency problems

2:  Smart Capabilities Will Help EV Chargers Manage Load

3: Taking Back Power Begins in Rural America


Blog 5 Water Online

Water Online inhabits a space between blog and traditional media outlet. As a digital-only publication, it provides water utility professionals with comprehensive, up-to-date information across about water, wastewater, industrial water, utility management, water innovations, and trending topics. Access to materials on the site requires registration and download to some vendor-provided materials is gated.

Here are 3 articles we found interesting:

1: Domestic Water Use Grew 600% Over The Past 50 Years

2: Putting Out The Fire: 50 Years Of Science To Protect America’s Water

3: Top 10 Trends for 2020

Keep up with utility trends. Subscribe to our blog


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