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AclaraConnect 2020

Are you a professional at a gas, water or electric utility who wants to learn from the best and brightest?  Then you’ll want to attend AclaraConnect 2020 at the Gaylord in Nashville, TN, April 27-30.

This premier 3-day conference offers 40+ learning sessions with renowned industry leaders, networking opportunities with more than 200 utilities,  a hands-on Knowledge Center, and meter certification classes – all focused on providing the information utility professionals need to make resource distribution systems more efficient, responsive, resilient, and reliable.




If you’re interested but need to convince your boss, look no further. We’ve put together the following quick guide to information that will help you justify your attendance.


1: Focus on what you’ll learn

What is most important to your team, company, or boss? Identify how challenges at your organization are addressed by a solution, practice, or idea that will be explored during the conference.

You can attend sessions covering a wide range of topics that will build the functional expertise you need to do your job. Check out these topics from last year’s agenda for insight on what you’ll learn.

Or, plan on spending time in our expanded Knowledge Center, where hands-on demos will help you develop a deeper understanding of how smart infrastructure and distribution automation solutions could work for your utility. Plus, you can take advantage of meter certification and training – no need to plan an additional trip to our Training Center.

Since we make all presentations given at AclaraConnect available to attendees after the conference, you’ll be able to continue learning long after the conference closes.


2: Be ready with all the facts

When you schedule a time to present your request, you’re more likely to get the nod if you come armed with the information the boss needs to decide. Have the basic facts at your fingertips, including dates and times and the sessions and breakouts you’ll attend.

Speak to the relevance and timeliness of topics and be as specific as possible with what you hope to learn. In addition, include in your request the AclaraConnect 2020 website link and references of people in your organization or network that can attest to the benefits of attending.

Finally, make sure that workload while you are away—consider who will cover for you, or how will you ensure deadlines are still met. Ensure that work won’t be interrupted for others.


3: Build a bullet-proof request letter

In your request letter, detail benefits of attending. Also,  Include a detailed budget with your request. We have tried to make this part easier by including a sample letter and budget forms in our justification kit  for AclaraConnect.


4: Report back results

Once you get the green light, remember that it will be easier to get support to attend future events if you follow your plan and report back results. Your follow-up should include practical examples of realistic opportunities and actionable items. You will find it easier to build a report if you:

  • Take lots of notes to share what you learn with your team (and take advantage of the presentations we share after the conference).
  • Post about the sessions you attend on your social media channels and ours. Aclara’s official Twitter conference hashtag is #AclaraConnect.

Didn’t find what you need here to research and plan your proposal?  Additional great sources of information include the AclaraConnect website and articles on our blog, including: #AclaraConnect 2019: The Power of Partnership

If you prepare well, share your knowledge, and demonstrate the ROI benefits from attending AclaraConnect, your boss will be happy you went – and that could lead to other opportunities down the road, including AclaraConnect 2020!


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